Treated us as though we were family

My wife and I had just gone through a terrible chapter in our life, and we just wanted to know why this had happened, but the persons responsible just brushed us aside. When we presented our case to Jarome and his associates, we were greeted with respect and compassion and a willingness to help us resolve our situation. Soon we knew that Jarome and his associates were not only professionals in trial law but treated us as though we were family and felt the pain we had just gone through. After many miles and long trips and countless hours of investigations, Jarome and his staff gave us the answers we had been looking for. We were very impressed with the professionalism of Jarome and staff during a difficult trial. Nothing left to chance, no surprises and every move was expertly laid out so the jury could easily follow. Jarome’s closing argument was filled with compassion, was factual and very moving, and was received well by the jury according to the amount of the judgment we received. We can never say thank you enough to Jarome and his staff for closing a terrible chapter in our life.

— Donald O., Medical Malpractice Case, Warner Robins, GA
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