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Being in a car wreck is stressful. We want to reduce that stress for you. That’s why we’ve made available this FREE booklet listing some things you should and shouldn’t do after you’ve been involved in a wreck.

FREE PERSONAL INJURY BOOK:Guide to Injury and Accident Book

by: Jarome E. Gautreaux

Written by a Georgia Attorney with over 20 years of handling personal injury cases in Georgia, this easy-to-follow book includes such things as how claims are handled, how lawsuits are handled, and what’s important in valuing a personal injury case.

Download your free eBook copy of Your Guide to Injury & Accident Cases in Georgia. 


Georgia Bar Association

This is a membership organization for lawyers; However, it includes a section labeled ‘for the public’ that allows you to download consumer pamphlets about various legal topics, as well as information about how to find a lawyer. www.gabar.org


AVVO allows people to research common legal topics for free. It also has a fee-based service that gives people the opportunity to ask lawyers questions about their particular legal situation. Although you have to pay to ask a question, it is free to review the answers to questions already asked by others. In addition to providing legal information, AVVO rates lawyers based on peer review. Anyone can search AVVO’s directory for a particular lawyer to see that lawyer’s AVVO rating (10 being the highest), as well as what other lawyers are saying about them.www.avvo.com

Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA)

GTLA is an association of trial lawyers that lobbies on behalf of Georgia families and businesses to protect the rights of all Georgia citizens. Anyone can visit their website to keep up with Georgia legislative information and current legal information that affects Georgians. You can also search their website for Georgia lawyers by name, location or practice area. www.gtla.com

Consumer Resources:

Consumer Reports

This website provides information about consumer products, such as cars, household appliances, medical procedures, etc., and the reliability of those products. The general information is free, but for a fee you can view the results of the products tested, and which products, based on those testing results, are recommended by the organization. www.consumerreports.org

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

The CPSC keeps the public informed about unsafe products. They provide a wide variety of information about the safety, laws & regulations of consumer products. They have an entire safety education section on their website, and they keep an up-to-date list of products recalled due to safety concerns or issues. www.cpsc.gov

Insurance Institute for Hightway Safety (IIHS)

The IIHS keeps the public informed about the safety of vehicles. They compile a list of vehicle crash data information & safety information and provide it on their website free of charge. You can search the institutes ratings for any make & model vehicle. The website also includes safety information for a variety of highway-related topics, such as airbags, safety belts, distracted driving, auto injuries, etc. www.iihs.org

Public Justice

This is a foundation made up of lawyers dedicated to fighting public injustices around the U.S. They protect people and the environment by challenging anyone or anything, such as government or corporations, that undermines our public justice system. Their website keeps people up-to-date with what their public law firm is doing, such as ways they are keeping people safe, holding companies accountable for their actions, creating better working conditions, and protecting consumers’ rights. www.publicjustice.net