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Georgia property owners hold a position of responsibility when it comes to ensuring the safety of those on their premises and can be held liable for injuries. Given the nuances of premises liability law, having informed legal counsel is essential. That’s where Gautreaux Law comes in.

As a leading personal injury law firm serving clients in Macon, Warner Robbins, and around the state, we work to hold property owners accountable. Whether you tripped and fell on a neighbor’s sidewalk, slipped on a spill at the grocery store, or suffered an injury due to any form of premises liability, we can help. Contact us today so we can start working on your claim. 

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the area of law that deals with the responsibility of property owners to maintain a safe environment. In Georgia, property owners owe certain duties to visitors, and these duties vary depending on the type of visitor:

  • Invitees – These are individuals invited onto the property for a mutual benefit, like customers in a store. Property owners owe them the highest duty of care.
  • Licensees – Visitors who enter for their own purpose with the owner’s consent, such as social guests. Owners must warn them of non-obvious dangers.
  • Trespassers – Individuals without permission to be on the property. Generally, owners only owe them the duty to not cause intentional harm.

In short, property owners have a duty to provide a safe environment to visitors and warn them of any known hazards. This duty applies to owners of private, commercial, and public property, and the location at which the incident occurred can play a key role in how your injury claim plays out. Suppose you slip on a spill in the kitchen at a neighbor’s house and suffer a broken bone. While you may be reluctant to sue them, your claim will be with the owner’s property insurance, which provides liability coverage. 

Unfortunately, insurers put profits ahead of the injured and often attempt to deny claims or pay as little as possible. At Gautreaux Law, we know how to level the playing field and will demand full payment of your claim. If a fair and just settlement is not within reach, we will take your case to trial to achieve the desired outcome. 

Common Causes of Injuries on Properties

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and when they do, it’s crucial to pinpoint the cause. Common types of property owner liability leading to injuries include:

  • Slip and fall accidents due to wet or uneven surfaces
  • Neglected maintenance resulting in hazards
  • Inadequately insulated electrical systems causing shocks
  • Animal-related injuries, particularly dog bites
  • Swimming pool accidents 
  • Elevator or escalator malfunctions
  • Assaults resulting from negligent security 

Factors Affecting Liability in Georgia

The outcome of a premises liability case often depends on several factors, including:

  • Visitor’s status – As mentioned above, the duty a property owner owes varies between invitees, licensees, and trespassers.
  • Awareness of the hazard – A crucial component in such cases is the property owner’s awareness. If an owner knew or should have known about a danger but failed to act, they may be held liable.
  • Comparative negligence – One of the nuances of Georgia law is the concept of comparative negligence. It means that in the event that an injured party shares some blame for the accident, any compensation they receive could be reduced in proportion to their fault.

Our attorneys are keenly aware of these factors and will work strategically to demonstrate the property owner’s liability and protect your rights. 

How Gautreaux Law Can Help

Navigating the complex maze of premises liability requires a deep understanding of Georgia’s laws and the injured party’s rights. At Gautreaux Law, our team adeptly handles the details of each case, gathering evidence, and piecing together the incident’s chronology. 

By understanding the full scope of an incident, from the conditions of the property to the nuances of the injury, we can devise a solid strategy. This foundation is crucial, especially when confronting insurance companies and property owners armed with their own legal teams to minimize their liability.

By pursuing negotiations that prioritize your best interests, we aim for compensation for medical expenses, lost incomes, pain and suffering, and other losses. If negotiations come to a standstill or are not satisfactory, we are fully prepared to litigate to recover damages. Trust Gautreaux Law to guide you through the process with an unwavering commitment to your well-being.

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