The explosion of rideshare companies has been a positive for Georgia and other states. People can get around more conveniently, and drivers can earn good money by providing their services. Accidents do happen, however, and victims are entitled to compensation for their losses. Gautreaux Law fights to get them justice. 

If you or someone you love has experienced a rideshare accident, compensation may be available for your losses. The Georgia rideshare accident lawyers at Gautreaux Law Firm are ready to fight to get you the payout you deserve. Contact our office for a free consultation to learn what you may be entitled to. 

Who pays in a rideshare accident?

There are various types of rideshare accidents, all of which are followed by the question: “Who pays?” The answer depends heavily on the circumstances of the accident. In every case, the accident victim must identify specific negligent or unlawful acts that caused their injuries. Gautreaux Law Firm works diligently to determine the type of negligence involved and who’s at fault. 

Rideshare Driver Injures Rideshare Passenger

When the injury victim is the passenger of the rideshare driver, they can normally seek damages from the negligent rideshare driver’s company insurance policy. Negligent or unlawful driving includes speeding, failure to yield, or driving while intoxicated.

Rideshare Driver Injures Pedestrian or Bicyclist

If a rideshare driver injures a pedestrian or a bicyclist, they will have a claim if negligence or unlawful actions were the cause of the accident. However, whether the driver was ‘under dispatch’ plays a major role in the insurance claim. Drivers under dispatch may be covered by Lyft or Uber’s company insurance policy, which is more extensive than the standard driver insurance coverage. 

Rideshare Driver Injures Occupant of Another Vehicle

If the rideshare driver injures occupants of another vehicle, the victims can seek an insurance payment. However, as with accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, it is pertinent whether the driver was under dispatch or not. 

Unsafe Rideshare Vehicle 

In some rideshare accident cases, the actual vehicle is the cause of the crash. Unsafe brakes, headlights, or other crucial parts and systems significantly raise the risk of an accident. When one occurs, the negligent party may be a third party, such as a parts manufacturer or an auto repair shop.

Another Vehicle Injures Rideshare Passenger

In some cases, the rideshare accident is caused by the driver of another vehicle. In these instances, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will usually cover the damages. If the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, the rideshare company’s insurance may cover the shortfall. 

Under Dispatch

As mentioned, whether a driver is under dispatch is a key factor in these cases. Under Georgia law, when a driver of a rideshare or transportation network company (TNC) is carrying a passenger or on their way to pick one up, the insurance coverage provides:

  • Up to $1 million per accident
  • First-person coverage, including underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage
  • Matching comprehensive and collision if the driver has this coverage on their personal insurance

However, when the driver is logged on but not responding to or attending to a passenger, the insurance coverage drops significantly. Coverage requirements only provide:

  • $50,000 per injury victim for bodily injury
  • $100,000 accident total for bodily injury
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage

Regarding uninsured and underinsured, recent changes to Georgia law have reduced the amount of insurance coverage companies must provide. Previously, TNCs were required to carry at least $1 million of coverage. Now, however, the coverage is down to:

  • $300,000 total for all injuries
  • $100,000 maximum per person
  • $25,000 for property damage

As an injury victim, you deserve to pursue compensation from the appropriate insurance policy or file a lawsuit to compel payment. Gautreaux Law Firm fiercely negotiates with insurance companies for proper payouts and does not entertain subpar offers. 

How long do I have to seek rideshare accident compensation?

The statute of limitations governing car accident crashes in Georgia provides accident victims generally with a two-year window to seek compensation, but every case must be analyzed individually to determine all applicable deadlines. Keep in mind that the earlier you take action as an accident victim, the stronger your case will likely be, especially on an evidentiary level. 

It is ideal to gather evidence as soon after an accident as possible. For example, witness testimony not contained in accident reports is a powerful form of evidence, but only if gathered shortly after the crash. Traffic cam footage is another type of solid evidence that must be collected soon after a wreck. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

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Rideshare companies provide a valuable service and take in billions of dollars in the process. They must remain accountable to the public but have the right to defend themselves against insurance claims and lawsuits. As a victim of a rideshare accident, you deserve to be represented by a law firm that knows how to get you the funds you need. 

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