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By Jarome Gautreaux

What is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is a physical injury that happens to a person instead of an injury to property.  For example, if you damage your back in an auto accident, you have a personal injury.  But if a tree falls on your car, that’s damage to property.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

When a person is injured, they may be able to file a claim for compensation with an insurance company. Sometimes, people are reluctant to file a claim because they think the person who caused their injuries is going to have to fork over their own money to pay.  Instead, it is usually the insurance company for the person who caused the injury that will compensate the injured party. 

New to the Personal Injury Process?

You are not alone. Many people have never suffered a personal injury or filed an injury claim and may not fully understand what it entails or if they have a case. The following information will briefly explain what must be present for you to have a personal injury claim:

A Person Must Suffer an Injury Due to Someone Else’s Negligence

If you get hurt because of someone else’s actions (i.e., they drove recklessly and caused an auto accident, they behaved carelessly and injured your child, or they maliciously did something to harm you), then you may have a personal injury claim.

You Seek Medical Treatment

If your injuries caused you to have to get medical treatment, then you should not have to pay for that treatment out of your own pocket. After all, your injury is not your fault. It is the fault of the other person. If they had not acted negligently, then you would not have been injured, and you would not be burdened with the associated costs and suffering from that injury.

You Want to be Compensated for Your Injuries

In a personal injury case, an attorney will work to get you full and fair compensation for all your injuries caused by the incident in question.  This includes financial compensation for:

    • Medical treatment you receive now
    • Any medical treatment you may need in the future as a result of this injury
    • Wages or income you you did not receive because your injury and treatment prevented you from working
    • Pain and suffering caused to you because your injury kept you from doing the things that you would otherwise enjoy doing (i.e., playing with your grandchildren, going for a walk, painting, lifting weights, etc.).

At Gautreaux Law, we will investigate your claim, hire experts as needed, keep track of medical records and bills, handle the day-to-day dealings with insurance adjusters, and negotiate a settlement for your claim.  And if the insurance company is not willing to cooperate we will take your case to trial to fight for full compensation for your injuries.

Who Pays Expenses and Attorneys Fees in a Personal Injury Case?

At Gautreaux Law, we handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don’t have to pay us anything unless we get money for you. We pay for all of your case expenses and you don’t have to pay us back until your case settles. Once your case settles, we’ll get reimbursed for our expenses & paid an attorney’s fee from your settlement amount.

Gautreaux Law handles personal injury cases throughout the state of Georgia.  Our office is located in downtown Macon, and we are here for you whenever you need us. We will keep you informed about everything happening in your case and be there to answer any questions you may have about the personal injury process. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. 478-238-9758 or toll-free 888-876-6935.

About the Author
Jarome Gautreaux is a personal injury trial lawyer. He represents people who have been seriously injured, as well as the families of people killed because of carelessness or negligence. For over 20 years, he has successfully recovered more than 100 million dollars in a variety of Macon personal injury cases. Jarome’s reputation for client focus and case success has led to other lawyers requesting his assistance with complex personal injury litigation. What drives Jarome every day is his strong belief that the amount of money someone has should not dictate the justice they receive. It is for this reason that he has never worked for corporations, insurance companies, or other interest groups. Instead, he thrives on helping the people who need it most- people who have suffered at the hands of others and deserve compensation.