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By Jarome Gautreaux

Don’t hesitate to call a lawyer for a free consultation if you’ve been injured in an accident. It’s not only free to talk to someone, but it may also result in you being paid for your injuries, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Below are 5 ways a free consultation lawyer can help with your injury claim:

  1. Time Limits – Sometimes, people don’t seek legal help because they think their injuries will get better. If time goes by and their injuries persist, or even worsen, they then reach out to an attorney for help. Unfortunately, by the time someone calls a lawyer, it may be too late. States have laws, including Statutes of Limitation, that limit the amount of time a person has to file an injury lawsuit. In Georgia, this statute is typically two years from the date of the injury or death, but each case has to be carefully analyzed to determine the correct time limits. If a person waits too long and this time limit expires, they could lose the ability to file a lawsuit and recover compensation for their injuries. An attorney can determine, after a careful review of your specific case, the applicable time limits. The bottom line is, the sooner you speak with an attorney, the less likely you will be to miss the deadline.
  1. Medical Treatment – Sometimes, people may not seek medical treatment for what they think are minor injuries. Or maybe they don’t have health insurance and think they can’t afford the treatment (If you haven’t been treated because you don’t have health insurance, an injury attorney may be able to help you find a doctor or facility that can provide the treatment you need without the upfront costs).

After an accident, an insurance adjuster will evaluate the treating physician’s opinion about what caused your injuries to determine the validity of your claim. The longer you wait to see a doctor, the more difficult it will be for the doctor to say that your injuries were caused by the accident. Therefore, you want to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible following your accident. This is not just for a legal claim, but also for your health and well-being.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Gautreaux Law Firm today for a free personal injury consultation. We charge no fees until we recover money for you.
  1. Insurance Coverages – Most people think the only insurance available to them after an accident is that of the at-fault drivers, but that’s not always the case. There may be additional insurance available to get you compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering. An experienced accident attorney knows what types of insurance to look for and how to get it if and when it’s available.
  1. Medical Reimbursements – When a hospital is made aware that your injuries resulted from of an auto accident, they sometimes hold off filing a claim on your private health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, in the hopes of getting paid from an injury claim settlement. An injury attorney can work with hospitals and doctors regarding billing and reimbursement to ensure that you get the maximum dollar in your pocket.
  1. Diminished Value – Many people are not aware of the diminished value claim that may exist after their car has been damaged in an auto accident. Or, if they know about filing a diminished value claim, they may not realize they can negotiate the amount. In addition to negotiating with insurance companies and hospitals about your injury claim, an attorney can help with your diminished value claim as well.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, then it never hurts to call a lawyer for a free consultation. After all, why give up money to the insurance company when you could have it for yourself, the actual person injured. The attorneys at Gautreaux Law have been helping injured people in Georgia, and teaching other lawyers and law students about injury cases, for over two decades. Contact us today for a free consultation. 478-238-9758 or 888-876-6935

About the Author
Jarome Gautreaux is a personal injury trial lawyer. He represents people who have been seriously injured, as well as the families of people killed because of carelessness or negligence. For over 20 years, he has successfully recovered more than 100 million dollars in a variety of Macon personal injury cases. Jarome’s reputation for client focus and case success has led to other lawyers requesting his assistance with complex personal injury litigation. What drives Jarome every day is his strong belief that the amount of money someone has should not dictate the justice they receive. It is for this reason that he has never worked for corporations, insurance companies, or other interest groups. Instead, he thrives on helping the people who need it most- people who have suffered at the hands of others and deserve compensation.