Speedometer reading 74MPH

Driving over the speed limit contributes to almost a third of all car accidents, many of which lead to fatalities or life-changing injuries. Being harmed by another driver’s aggressive behaviors isn’t just physically challenging to recover from; it’s also difficult to cope with emotionally. 

If you or a loved one has been in an accident involving speeding, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at Gautreaux Law are here to help you through every step of making a claim so you can focus on recovery. 

Why Speeding Is Dangerous

Though most people recognize that speeding is hazardous, approximately 50% of Americans still go over the speed limit on a regular basis. Going too fast reduces your ability to react quickly to avoid collisions and increases your risk of:

  • Rolling your vehicle
  • Losing control, especially on wet roads
  • Failing to stop the vehicle safely
  • Being in a fatal car accident

The more a person is going over the speed limit, the more likely they are to get into a wreck. In addition to increasing their likelihood of causing an accident, they also increase the risk of life-altering injuries or death. 

Why do people go over the speed limit?

There are a lot of reasons why drivers engage in aggressive behaviors like speeding. They may be running late and trying to shave some time off their travel time by going faster, despite speeding generally only saving a few minutes at best. 

Some people may also speed as a result of road rage or in an attempt to get through congested traffic quickly. These drivers may also change lanes frequently or engage in other aggressive behaviors like tailgating. 

Regardless of why someone is going over the speed limit, they are putting themselves and other people on the road in danger. 

Legal Consequences of Speeding

According to the Official Code of Georgia, “no person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions” of the road. In addition to abiding by set speed limits, drivers are responsible for slowing their speed in situations such as poor weather or when approaching a curve in the road. 

Even if someone’s speeding doesn’t contribute to an accident, drivers may receive a ticket with consequences that directly correlate to how much over the limit they are going. 

The greater the speed, the higher the fine on your ticket. If you are going significantly over the speed limit, you may also receive “points” against your license. If you accrue 15 points in a 24-month period, the Department of Driver Services may suspend your license. 

Severe speeding is also a misdemeanor in Georgia, and it can come with a punishment of up to 12 months in prison and a $1,000 fine. 

What if speeding causes an accident?

If someone causes an accident by going over the speed limit, they may be considered to be the negligent party and could be held liable for paying damages to the other injured parties. Should the accident result in serious injuries or a fatality, the responsible driver could face felony charges. 

Proving Liability in a Car Accident Involving Speeding

As with any car accident, proving liability isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem, even if speeding is involved. It’s important to have strong evidence that paints a clear picture of the incident. Some valuable types of evidence that can support your claim include:

Police Reports

After any car accident, you should immediately dial 911 to file a police report. The police will conduct an initial investigation of the scene and write down key details, including whether they believe speeding was involved.  

Traffic or Dash Cam Footage

Clear video evidence of the accident can indicate whether the other driver was going too fast. Even if you don’t have a dash camera, you may be able to access traffic footage at the time and place of the accident. 

Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction specialists look at the conditions of the road and the damage to both vehicles to gain insight into how the collision occurred. They will look for evidence that indicates whether a driver was going too fast. 

Witness Accounts

Eyewitnesses are valuable in any accident claim. They can recount whether one of the drivers appeared to be going overly fast, given the speed limit or road conditions. 

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Being in a car wreck is terrifying, especially if you have been left with serious injuries, major property damage, or the loss of a loved one. If you have been harmed in an accident and believe that speeding contributed to the incident, seeking compensation can help you recover and regain a sense of normality. 

The car accident attorneys at Gautreaux Law are committed to helping you reach justice. Our compassionate team will handle every aspect of your case, from speaking with insurance adjusters to negotiating a settlement claim to help you pursue the outcome you deserve. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.