Macon car accident lawyer

Being in a car accident is stressful, no matter how minor or severe the wreck.  Macon Car Accident Lawyer Jarome Gautreaux can take away the stress that accompanies such accidents. He handles all of the day-to-day dealings with insurance companies, which enables you to focus on your recovery. He will begin work on your case immediately, and aggressively fight to get you fully compensated for your injuries.

What to do at the scene of your car accident

  1. Turn on Hazard Lights and Call the Police – they will ask questions about what happened and complete an accident report
  2. Check for Injuries – If anyone needs medical help call 911 and go to the ER for treatment. Sometimes, due to an adrenaline rush immediately following an accident, injuries don’t show up right away. If you experience pain after getting home you should go see a doctor as soon as possible to determine if your injuries were caused by the accident.
  3. Take Pictures – Include your car, the other car, and any skid marks on the roadway
  4. Exchange Information – Insurance and contact Information
  5. Get the Name and Number of any Witnesses

When to Call a Macon Car Accident Lawyer

  • If you are injured in an accident anywhere in Georgia and seek medical treatment, or if there are any fatalities
  • When the Insurance company won’t pay for medical treatment or won’t pay the full amount for medical treatment
  • If the insurance company acts in bad faith, meaning they deny coverage with no explanation and/or no investigation, or fail to pay in a timely manner

3 Things to NOT do After a Car Accident

  1. If injured, don’t wait to call a lawyer. In Georgia, there’s generally a two-year statute of limitations for car wreck claims (but this can be complicated, so it is best to determine it on a case-by-case basis). This means you only have a certain amount of time to file a claim and be able to recover for your injuries.
  2. Don’t talk to the at-fault driver’s insurance company about what happened. They will probably call you and want a statement. Whatever you say to them they may use against you. You might think you are saying something to help your case, when in fact you are saying something that will cause them to deny your claim. Only let your lawyer talk to the insurance companies.
  3. If you were injured, don’t agree to any settlement amounts or sign any documents without talking to a lawyer. Insurance companies may try to get you to accept money that doesn’t fully reimburse you for your injuries. Once you agree on an amount you generally can’t change it or ask for more later, even if you discover you need future medical treatment.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Georgia

Macon car accident lawyer Jarome Gautreaux can help you begin your path to recovery. Call Gautreaux Law firm today for a free one-on-one consultation. We’ll determine the facts of your case and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. As always, we charge no fees to our clients unless we win your case. Call 478-238-9758 or toll-free at 888-876-6935